Fonzarelli | FAQs
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What more
can we tell you?

What are the model options?

There are essentially three models in the Fonzarelli family – Fz, S1 and X1.

From here, the Fonzarelli Powertrains can be mixed and matched to adjust to the performance you need. Meanwhile, the hardware can be customised with bespoke design to create your very own bike.

We’re also taking care of the practical business, like making adjustable saddle and handlebar heights to suit short and tall riders, or speed limited versions for those wanting to ride on a car licence*.

* You cannot ride on a car licence in NSW or Victoria. Please see local state laws

Will electric suit my lifestyle?

Yep, we think so. We’ve designed the model lineup for convenience. If you’d like to suss it out before you commit though, you can always rent a Fonz for a week.

If you want to try before you place an order you can rent a Fonz for a week – plus the rental cost is taken off your order when you decide to go ahead!

Where can I test ride the Fonz?

Fonzarelli Experience Centres are designed to provide you access to see, touch and test ride the Fonzarelli model range at locations around Australia and New Zealand. Find your nearest Fonzarelli Experience Centre here

For Fonzarelli finance, ordering & customisation in Australia email or phone 02 8520 3905

For New Zealand enquiries email or phone +64 9-836 3159

How much is it going to cost me?

The bikes start at $5190 or $45 / week on finance. From there, on average it’ll cost around $1 a week to recharge, and only $150 a year for service & maintenance.

Fonzarelli offers the Fonzarelli Capped Price Service Schedule through our recommended repairer network, so you can be assured of the total service price!

What is the warranty?

Fonzarelli comes with a 24-month, 10,000km major component warranty.

You can view the Fonzarelli Warranty Policy here

How will I be helping the planet?

Your Fonz won’t release any pollution while you ride. Your bike also has fewer parts to replace than a traditional scooter, so less consumables + less consumption = less landfill.

While solar panels are the dream, and you can also speak to an electricity company about switching to Greenpower eco-friendly renewable energy options.

Do you have finance?


You can get on your very own Fonzarelli from as little as $45 per week, its less than a bus! Email to learn more.

How do I place an order?

You place a $250 deposit to secure your order. This can be done in person at a Fonzarelli Experience Centre, by phone or online, through the Fonzarelli Online shop.

Current wait time is 8 to 10 weeks, depending on the model and level of customisation you select.

* For Online bespoke orders, Fonzarelli will contact you to discuss your customisation options after you place your order

What are the battery cells?

Panasonic lithium cells power the PowerPack. And without charge memory, you can charge as frequently as you like.

Any charging tips and care?

You can charge your Fonz in any standard 240v house socket. Either take the Powerpack out to charge indoors, or charge directly from wall-to-socket

Fonz Powerpacks don’t hold charge memory so you can charge as frequently as its convenient. We recommend recharging by 20% for greatest performance.

If you’re heading out of town or storing the bike for a while, the PowerPack charge must be between 60 to 80%.

How long does it take to charge?

The Fz and Fz moped can charge 20 to 80% in around an hour with the premium charger. The S1, with its PowerPack at double size, takes around 2.5 hours to recharge. The mini charger is designed to charge overnight – around 8 hours

How about range?

The Fz’s single PowerPack will take you around 50 kilometres, and you can have dual PowerPacks under the saddle to double that range. The S1 model will give you up to 100 kilometres on a single charge.

Factors like weight, speed, terrain and how often you’re in Forza mode will affect range.

Where can I go on the Fonz?

The Fonzarelli is designed for urban riding with the Fz’s taking you up to 50 kilometres range and the S1 up to 100 kilometres. Here are some distances from the capital cities’ CBDs to various suburbs…

Sydney > Bondi Beach = 8.1kms
Melbourne > St Kilda = 7.1kms
Brisbane > Fortitude Valley = 7.1kms
Perth > Cottesloe = 11.8kms
Adelaide > Henley Beach = 11.4kms

What happens when new technology is released?

We’ve got you covered.

Not only because we aim to be at the forefront of two wheel tech, but we’re also committed to the environmental benefits of the circular economy.

We offer our community a guaranteed trade-up offer that is great value.  The offer is valid for both bike upgrades and your technology within it. That means you can truly grow with your Fonz as the tech evolves.

You can check out the Fonzarelli Guaranteed Trade Up Offer Here.

Can I take a passenger?

The Fz and S1 models comfortably take a passenger. Carrying a passenger will affect range by around 15-30%, depending on total weight.

If you frequently carry a passenger we suggest getting the Fonz top-case as it creates more space and a comfy back-rest for your passenger.

Do I need a motorcycle licence?

Not necessarily.

In most states of Australia, and all of New Zealand, you can ride a speed-limited Fonzarelli on a car licence.

One great thing about the limited speed version is you get awesome power-off-the-mark & hill-climbability like in the derestricted Fonzarelli range, as all the tech is exactly the same. Later down the track if you decided to get an automatic motorcycle licence your Fonz can be derestricted to its full speed potential by a qualified Aus/NZ compliance engineer.

Personally, in most cases the Fonz community choose to spend the couple days to get their auto bike licence, finding it worthwhile for all the time you save long-term. You can speak to a Fonzarelli Product Specialist to discuss the best option for your lifestyle.

Please note, if you’re in NSW or Victoria you will always need to get a Scooter/Motorcycle licence to ride the Fonz range on the road, regardless of speed.

How do I register and insure my Fonz?
  • Fonzarelli models can be registered everywhere in Australia and New Zealand.
  • You’ll find the VIN on your final invoice and fixed on the right-side of the vehicle.
  • The engine number is engraved on the motor. Its in the rear hub.
  • The Fz and S1 ADR compliance plate approval (CPA) number is 46689 the moped versions are 47256
  • All Fonzarelli models are 0cc  (some insurance company computers won’t accept 0cc – try 1cc 😉