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Where can I get a test ride?

Fonzarelli Experience Centres are designed to provide you access to see, touch and test ride the Fonzarelli model range at locations around Australia. 

Find your nearest Fonzarelli Experience Centre here.

Can't find a location near you? Contact Us and we’ll keep you updated.

Will electric suit my lifestyle?

We have designed our bikes to be configured to our rider community. That means they’re built with convenient charging, quick charge options, and with a light powerpack, you can plug anywhere, anytime.  

This innovative bike is built for speed, style and comfort. So, whether you’re navigating the urban jungle or travelling to the beach, you know you’re riding a high-quality, reliable bike with zero emissions.

What's the environmental impact?

Your Fonzarelli does not release any pollution while you ride. And with less moving parts, your bike also has less consumables which equates to less landfill and less wastage.  In fact, charging your FONZ with a power source can save carbon dioxide emission by a staggering 9.232 tonnes.

Speak to an electricity company about switching to Greenpower eco-friendly renewable energy options to reduce your impact on the environment further.

Find more information on how electric scooters and motorcycles can positively impact the environment.

What are the battery cells?

Panasonic, Samsung & LG lithium cells power the Powerpack. Fonz Powerpacks don’t hold charge memory so you cancharge as frequently as you like.

Tips for charging & long term storage tips?

You can charge your Fonzarelli in any standard 240v house socket. Either take the Powerpack out to charge indoors, or charge directly from wall-to-socket.  

We recommend recharging by 10% for greatest performance. If you’re heading out of town or storing your bike for a long period, the PowerPack charge must be stored between 60 to 80%. Never store your Fonz at 0%.

How many hours can I ride the bike?

The riding time depends on various factors, in particular, individual riding style, route characteristics, load and outside temperature.  The average commute in Australia is 14 kilometres, so depending on the powertrain setup, you could expect to recharge between every few days to a week. 

Do you offer finance?

Fonzarelli offers finance packages that are tailored for you. Be it longterm or short term – you'll discover a wide range of solutions and payment options. Once you’ve done the hard work and selected your new FONZ, we’ll work with you to find the right finance solution. So, all you have to worry about isthe colour of your FONZ.  

Our range of finance products offer options for both private and business customers, whether it’s a 0% interest payment plan or loan, or the innovative FONZFLEX which guarantees the future value of your FONZ.* Whichever option, we’re here to help you gets your hands on a new ride.

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What are the battery cells?

FONZ partners with reputable brands including Panasonic, LG and Samsung to power your powerpack. And without charge memory, you can charge the lithium cells as frequently as you like.

How often do I need to service my FONZ?

Annually. However, at one month you can complete a mini service and check up and make sure your Fonz is running smoothly.