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Rach from Philly

Rach from Philly

Rachel Fink // UNSW Master Candidate // 2016 Optic White Fz with Miami Blue Case

So you’re from the States. How did you end up in Australia? 

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – but we all say Philly, PA. I’ve always believed that the best education comes from studying abroad, so I decided to peruse my master’s degree in Sydney! I had never been to Australia before moving here, but I had to check out the beautiful weather and beaches for myself.

And how did you stumble across Fonzarelli?

Once I established my bearings in Sydney, in February, I started researching where to find a scooter and came across the Fonzarelli website. I fell in love immediately. Being a millennial I am a strong believer in sustainability and try to do everything I can to reduce my carbon footprint. The Fonz was a perfect fit for me and my lifestyle!

We loved meeting you… how do you find the Aussies? 

Awe, I loved meeting you guys too! Funny enough, Michelle was one of the first Australians I met outside of hotel! I am not sure how much Aussies know about Philadelphians, but we are pretty blunt people – so I am still pleasantly surprised with how nice EVERYONE is in Australia. You guys really add to the amazing culture here.

Favourite beach?

How am I supposed to pick a favorite? Can I answer with all of them? Honestly my favorite activity is the Bondi to Coogee beach walk. I love seeing all the hidden gems at every beach J

Best thing about Sydney?

Another hard question! I think the best part of Sydney is how unique it is compared to other major cities around the world – you can experience the big city life and go straight to the beach in less than 15 minutes. I’m a city girl at heart but cannot get enough of the beautiful beaches here!

What do you miss the most about home?

I definitely miss my friends and family the most. Included in that category are my two cats, one dog and turtle who had to stay back in Philly.

What makes you wanna stay?

I think that living in Sydney has truly made me a happier and healthier person. I feel as though my true self comes out when I’m here. Plus, I get to drive around on my adorable Fonzarelli Scooter everyday 😉

What’s your favourite thing about getting around town on a zero emission Fonz ride?

First off, my Fonz is named Ellie (for electric and Fonzarelli).  I think my favorite part of the Fonz is the simplicity of it. I can drive around for a week or two and not have to worry about planning my route to find a petrol station. I simply take the battery up to my apartment when it needs charging. If you asked me how much petrol cost currently I would have NO idea! The Fonz is a silent and clean ride which makes it that much better as well. When other scooters drive by it almost sounds as loud as a motorcycle.  And who wants to drive around in a cloud of gas emissions? Not me. The Fonz has made my life SO MUCH easier here! Thank you <3

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