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The Ethereal

The Ethereal

Maria Izvestkina // Designer // Army Fonzarelli Fz leather saddle + gauges

How did you hear about Fonz and what model Fonz do you own?

My friend, who owns the fonz, told me about it. I own Fonzarelli Fz 

How long have you been riding for?

Not that long, only for about a month, but i really love it and it feels like I’ve been riding it longer.

How often do you ride and where?

I ride every day to work and going for little adventures on the weekends. 

Why did you choose Fonz?

Honestly, what’s not to like about Fonzarelli bikes? I’m very passionate about the environment, so that was the main reason for choosing Fonzarelli. Plus i find it very convenient for my lifestyle and the idea of customization just sold it for me. 

Have you had any interesting adventures so far?

Not yet but it’s fun to ride ot on daily basis. 

How does it make you feel riding your Fonz?

It feel great to know that you can get to places and have zero impact on our Planet! I also like the looks I get from people, when they realize how silent it is, plus i think colours really get the attention 🙂

Who is your favourite designer?

There are so many designers, work of who I admire, so I’m just going to go with my current obsession Jacque Mus. 

What inspires your work?

Recently, other creative people, artists, designers and also great cause like sustainable design. 

Your Fonz customisation is very unique (and beautiful), was your design inspired from recent work, future ideas or something else? – Maria: I like “earthy” tones and i really loved that ‘army green’ colour and thought pop of rustic red would look great with it. I like details and I think my fonz reflects my personality.  

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