About us

Our story started with an idea

To leverage the power of technology to change the way we consume energy and to transform how cities operate in a smarter, cleaner and more sustainable way.

Who we are

We build state-of-the-art zero emission bikes using innovation, efficiency and intuitive design. They’re built to be fully customisable, but most importantly,  make a positive impact in reducing the world’s carbon footprint.

The FONZ dream began in 2010, and since have developed distinctive designs and ground breaking technology powered by

passion. Our bikes have covered over 5 million electrified kilometres over Australian roads and have designed and built the world's fastest production short wheel base moto.  

We believe in effortless style, high performance and emission-free riding.

Meet the team

Founder & CEO

Michelle had an idea during a motorcycle trip in Colombia in 2010. Within months of her return, Fonzarelli was born. A passionate environmentalist, Michelle is a Climate Council ambassador and award-winning Automotive Product Designer. Execution, persistence and passion are her key qualities.  Her hands-on approach in the product design, the build process and her intimate knowledge of each area of the Fonzarelli process drives the success of the Fonzarelli brand.

Technical Director

Jules has been key to the growth and success of FONZ, leading the design and product development of our Award-Winning X1 Model from 2017.

Jules is an adrenalin junkie, passionate motorcycle enthusiast and can be found racing track, off-road or anything on two wheels in his down time.

Industrial Designer

Shenny is a Master Industrial Designer. When she isn't playing a key role in the design of our new models she'll be found taking beautiful photographs around Sydney, sketching in her notepads or riding her hot pink moto.

Sales & Experience

Having grown up in regional Tuscany, Cristina has an ingrained a passion for the environment and nature. She holds a Bachelor of Science and has a love for entrepreneurship and technology.  She also has a secret passion for bacteria farming.

Partnerships Manager

Grant manages Fonzarelli Australia partnerships and is invested in the electric movement. When Grant isn't building the Fonz footprint, he can be found on his farm spinning Alpaca wool.

We are hiring.
Operations Manager

We're on the hunt for a motorcycle mechanic with a passion for tech to join our team. If you think you've got what it takes - we'd love to hear from you!

Email hq@fonzarelli.co with your CV