Fonzarelli | Agile - Eco-friendly - Performer
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NKD stripped back fun
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Award Winning Design
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100 KM/H, Dual Sport for ultimate fun factor
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the fonz

Meet Australia’s first electric scooter. Amped up in every way. An agile machine designed for cutting through urban traffic. And super-compact, portable PowerPacks you can charge in any standard 240V wall-socket.


Zero emissions, lightning acceleration and only $1 a week to run. Its a ride like no other.


No petrol. Ever.

We created Fonzarelli because we believe in 100% emission free personal transport. Our mantra was simple. No petrol. Ever. That means no nasty emissions from your Fonzarelli.

Learn how you can power up your environmental halo in the FAQS here.


Charge as you ride.

Dual Regeneration means maximum efficiency for your Fonz.


Regenerative Braking returns energy from the electric motor back to your Powerpack, also reducing wear on hydraulic brake system. Meanwhile Glide Regen seamlessly stems your bikes speed when you’re not accelerating – or give free-wheeling coasting fun.

high voltage performance

The Fonzarelli Model lineup are all electric, built with the performance you need to get around the urban jungle. An easy, gliding sensation gives you a unique feeling of freedom.

Negotiate city traffic from 0 to 50 km/h in 3.9 seconds.

Forza, its the fun button exclusive to the Fonzarelli range.


Reverse mode – another unique feature – makes parking a dream.

powerful powerpack

Plug in. Power up. Go.

The Fonzarellis have a range of up to 50 and 100 kilometres. More than enough juice for trips around town. Learn more about range & performance here 


Tailor your ride


We all want different thrills and experience from our ride and at FonzLab we make this happen. Here your Fonzarelli is personalised to suit your lifestyle. From enhanced performance and tech upgrades, to bespoke styling.


Look good. Have fun. Save the planet.


Learn more.