Fonzarelli | FAQs
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What more
can we tell you?

There’s a lot to say about the Fonzarelli – you could say it’s our favourite subject! Checkout these FAQs and if you have any other questions call or email us!
+61 (2) 8072 7570

How much is it really going to cost me?

Fonzarelli is priced from $4990 and is very inexpensive to run. On average, it’ll cost around $1/week to recharge, and servicing & maintenance is around $150 a year.

Will I really be helping the environment?

Your Fonzarelli has zero emissions, and you can make your ride even greener by switching to 100% renewable electricity.

Where & when do I service my Fonzarelli?

You can service your Fonzarelli at any authorised repairer.

There’s nothing complicated about your Fonzarelli, so not much to go wrong.  If there are any questions, we encourage your local motorcycle service centre to call us.

On average, you’ll service your Fonzarelli every 12 months, with the first service at 6 months and then 12 months intervals after that.

What’s a lithium battery?

This is similar to the charging technology your phone and laptop use. Just like these devices, it’s usually most convenient to charge your bike overnight. You’ll probably even benefit from off-peak energy costs.

Any tips for charging and caring for the PowerPack?

No problem, the Fonzarellis can charge as fast as 20-80% in around an hour with the premium charger, depending on configuration.

You’ll get more life from the PowerPack if you charge it frequently, so top it up when you can. We recommend recharging by around 20% and if you are heading out of town / not planning to ride for a while, be sure to store the PowerPack between 60-80%.

Is it easy to service my Fonzarelli?

It’s pretty simple really. While combustion engines have over 1000 moving parts, your Fonzarelli just has a few. When you require a service, remember to tell your mechanic it easy, and that all the parts pop in and out, so changing the motor isn’t more complicated than swapping out the back tyre. Fonz technicians can train your mechanic on unique Fonzarelli components.

It’s also nice to know that any major component replacement (that includes battery, motor and controller), comes with a 2-year parts warranty.

How about the range and performance?

Depending on how often you use Forza, and factors like weight, speed and terrain, a single Fz PowerPack should take you around 50k, and from two PowerPacks, you can expect around 100k. While the S1 model will give you around 100km on a single charge.


The Fonzarelli is designed for urban riding. But if your nose takes you further afield here are some distances from Sydney CBD to various suburbs…

Watsons Bay = 12kms
Bondi Beach = 8.1kms
Croydon = 10.7kms
Manly = 15.1kms
Chatswood = 11.9kms



Also, all models can comfortably carry a pillion passenger, which can affect range and performance roughly 15-30%, depending on weights and terrain.

Do I need a motorbike licence?

You do need a scooter licence in NSW and Victoria. Getting your licence is quite a small time investment, and well worth the effort for the convenience, enjoyment plus the huge amount of time you will gain moving around on the Fonzarelli.

In all other Australian states, we can also configure your bike to be compliant to the 50cc driver license requirement. This means you won’t need the full scooter licence, and will get awesome torque off the mark, with the speed limited at 50kph.

You can check licensing requirements with the relevant authority in the State or Territory in which you live or contact us here and we can help you with fact sheets about how to register your Fonz in your area.

Is there a warranty?

Fonzarelli Bikes are supported with a 24-month, 10,000km  major component* parts warranty and 12-month, 5,000km warranty for other components (freight not included).

See the full Fonzarelli warranty here

Any tips on registering my Fonz?

Being an early adopter, its can be a challenge at times to fit in. Below is information that may help when talking to the local authorities about registering and insuring a Fonzarelli electric moto:

  • The Fonzarelli can be legally registered in all states and territories of Australia
  • The VIN # is mounted to the right side of your Fonzarelli chassis and on your Proof of Purchase invoice
  • The Motor # is engraved on the motor, located in the rear hub
  • Fonzarelli’s Australian Design Rules (ADR) compliance plate approval (CPA) number is 46689
  • The Fonzarelli is 0cc 
  • And don’t forget, in most states your local registry will usually require you to bring along your proof of purchase, proof of identity and appropriate third-party insurance documentation