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can we tell you?

Where can I test ride the Fonz?

Fonzarelli Experience Centres are designed to provide you access to see, touch and test ride the Fonzarelli model range at locations around Australia and New Zealand. Find your nearest Fonzarelli Experience Centre here

For Fonzarelli finance, ordering & customisation in Australia contact or 02 8072 7570

For New Zealand contact or phone +64 9-836 3159

How much is it going to cost me?

The bikes start at $4990 or $45 / week on finance (less than a bus pass). On average, it’ll cost around $1 a week to recharge, and $150 /year for service & maintenance.

What's the warranty?

Fonzarelli comes with a 24-month, 10,000km major component warranty.

See the Fonzarelli warranty here

How will I be helping the planet?

Your Fonz won’t release any pollution while you ride. Your bike also has fewer parts to replace than a traditional scooter, so less consumption, less replacing parts.

You can also ask your electricity co. about Greenpower renewable energy options.

What are the payment options?


You can choose from a range of finance from 0% interest over three months, up to 36 months from as little as $45 / week, and with up to 12-months interest-free. Contact us to learn more.

How do I place an order?

You place a $250 deposit to secure your order. This can be done online in the Fonzarelli shop, in store at a Fonzarelli Experience Centre or over the phone. Then depending on how much you customise it will usually takes 1 to 6 weeks to receive your Fonz.

What are the battery cells?

Panasonic lithium cells power the PowerPack. And without charge memory, you can charge as frequently as you like.

Any charging tips and care?

The PowerPack doesn’t hold charge memory, so you can charge as frequently as you like. We recommend recharging at around 20%.

If you’re heading out of town or storing the bike for a while, the PowerPack charge should be between 60 to 80%.

How long does it take to charge?

The Fz and Fz moped can charge 20 to 80% in around an hour with the premium charger. The S1, with its PowerPack at double size, takes around 2.5 hours to recharge. The mini charger is designed to charge overnight.

How about range?

The Fz’s single PowerPack will take you around 50k, and you can have dual PowerPacks under the saddle to double that range. The S1 model will give you up to 100 kilometres on a single charge. Factors from weight, speed and terrain, to how often you Forza, will affect range.

Where can I go on the Fonz?

The Fonzarelli is designed for urban riding with the Fz’s taking you up to 50 kilometres range and the S1 up to 100 kilometres. Here are some distances from the capital cities’ CBDs to various suburbs…

Sydney > Bondi Beach = 8.1kms
Melbourne > St Kilda = 7.1kms
Brisbane > Fortitude Valley = 7.1kms
Perth > Cottesloe = 11.8kms
Adelaide > Henley Beach = 11.4kms

Can I take a passenger?

The Fz and S1 models comfortably take a passenger. Carrying a passenger will affect range by around 15 to 30%, depending on the total weight and terrain. If you frequently carry a passenger we suggest getting the topcase as its a great back rest for your pillion.

How do I register and insure my Fonz?
  • Fonzarelli models can be registered everywhere in Australia and New Zealand.
  • You’ll find the VIN on your final invoice and fixed on the right-side of the vehicle.
  • The engine number is engraved on the motor. Its in the rear hub.
  • The Fz and S1 ADR compliance plate approval (CPA) number is 46689 the moped versions are 47256
  • All Fonzarelli models are 0cc  (some insurance company computers won’t accept 0, so you can try 1cc)
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